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Little Treasures

2014 october   
"Syncronies" at Ateneo Madrid

MADRID, SPAIN          

 2014 april 
"Little Treasures" at Galleria de Marchi

Bologna, Italy

Jolanda Wijnand-Vranken, 
The Netherlands 

Jolanda is known for her expressive paintings with beautiful color combinations. Her typical style combines strong brush strokes with delicate transparent surfaces and playful lines. Model drawings are a continuing source of inspiration for her work.

For “Little Treasures 2014” Jolanda’s drawings are manually embedded in acrylic glass through a special process. Editing, casting, grinding and polishing is a labor- intensive process that is done completely manually. This creates an interesting object that is beautiful to admire from every possible angle.
Jolanda’s “Little Treasures” are telling the story about the vulnerability of life. Like life itself, you can look at her “Little Treasures”  from all sides and you will see new reflections in the acrylic glass from different angles. As a spectator, you determine your own “point of view”. It remembers you to decide how you look at things in life every day.  Jolanda’s models have been immortalized and protected by embedding them. Every human being is like a little treasure, precious and irreplaceable. You would like to protect your loved ones, aware of how vulnerable the one you love is.  How much you would like to protect your loved one against all negative external influences. Knowing that you can’t…..


Vulnerable as the other

Vulnerable as live itself

Vulnerable as yourself

 Little Treasure

 Little treasures 20x20x6 cm and are for sale.
The object can stand without support and reflects the light magnificant.
Jolanda can also make your  special personal little treasure for you.
After you send me a picture, I wil make a drawing inspired by your picture that can be embedded in the glass. (after you approved the concept)
For more information about little treasures you can contact her by mail.

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